Massage Creep

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Dumb Blonde Gets Her Yummy Privates Massaged

Posted on | December 19, 2010 | No Comments

massage creep

massage creep

Today I had another report on a private massage to the bored wife filthy rich man. Called me and said almost imperative mode, what time should I receive with her. She did not ask even if I have time! Girl with eggs! Well, but the sum he proposed for my massage creep motivated me to silence. I showed up at the appointed hour front of her house. Massive mansion with swimming pools around. I opened the door to the sexy blonde eye looking at thirty years. However, it was clear that her wealthy husband does not regret the money to invest in its appearance. Strangely provocative was her dress but I am used to such views ;). I started the massage. Gently touched and fondled her slim body and firm breasts and buttocks. She asked me to oil rubbed her clit. When I did, I saw what joys experienced. Only a matter of time as rape me! Well it’s finally done! She grabbed me with full force by the neck and threw it at his body. Commanded me that I lifted her legs as I fuck her! See how massage fantasy creep woke this naughty busty whores! Really worth it! Massage Creep

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